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Your Cottage on OCR

If you own a vacation home, Ontario Cottage Rentals is a great place to advertise your vacation rental. With our full service rental management package, we take the worry away by taking care of the booking for you. Many of our clients have chosen this route, and are very satisfied with the extra care and attention their cottages get.

How does it work? We visit your cottage, take photos, write a description, and discuss your requirements. Together we work out a suitable rental price. We also discuss ways to make your cottage more marketable and easier to manage. We design your web page, including as many photos and description as needed to effectively showcase the features of your cottage. Then we market the cottage rental on our website and through other sources.

As your cottage rental agency, we field inquiries, take applications, screen the clients, and book them. Then our rental agency arranges payment and damage deposits. Next, we ensure arrangements for keys, inspection, arrival, and departure. We also arrange showings of your rental cottage to prospective vacationers.

The full service rental booking package is not expensive -- just an initial set-up fee and a small percentage of the cottage rental bookings we make for you.

Ontario Cottage Rentals is a truly innovative site that will help you to market your vacation rental home to its full potential.

If you would like to get more information about this rental management service, call our rental agency toll-free at 877-788-1809 or email us at sales(at)ontariocottagerentals(.)com.